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An elliptical trainer is quite easy to use and can be found in every gym. What makes the elliptical trainers a top-notch cardio machine is the fact that it works the upper body like no other but in case you’re new to the machine and want to learn it or aren’t getting the expected results. Here are a few unique elliptical trainer tips you’d thank us for.

Let the core join the party

While the regular elliptical movement has little impact on the core muscles with a few tweaks you can engage it even more thus helping you get rid of excess belly fat. Also, engaging your abs helps you maintain the right posture.

One way to do so is to not hold the handlebars. Another way to do it is to take 40-45 second intervals and do a plank or a few crunches in between your elliptical workout.

Understand the importance of handlebars

The handlebars of the elliptical trainer help you maintain posture and balance especially if you’re going quick or are working out at a high resistance and also help engage the upper body muscles but most often newbies than to hold on it too tightly.

Also, occasionally not using the handles helps engage more muscles into the workout especially the core. Alternating between intervals of working with and without handlebars is the ideal way of getting a complete body workout.

elliptical trainer

Use the incline

The incline setting is there for good reason. By increasing the incline you engage more muscles into your workout such as the glutes. If you’re new to the machine increase the incline slowly and steadily. Most of the trainers allow you 20 incline levels.

Adjust the incline in increments of 2-3 to make yourself comfortable. The aim should be to reach 20 especially if you want a perfectly toned butt.

Try going backward

Not something you’d usually see a lot of people do at the gym but going back on the elliptical is actually a great workout especially if you’re aiming to strengthen your hamstrings, a muscle which often is the weakest of all.

Give yourself time to adjust to the movement as it may initially feel tough. Start by slowly moving your feet in a slight anti-clockwise direction and then build up speed and resistance.

Bring in the dumbbells

If you want to add some strength training to your cardio routine the best way is to switch to interval workouts but rather use the intervals to perform a few dumbbell workouts. With a lighter pair of dumbbells, you can perform any shoulder or bicep workouts.

The elevated heart rate and blood circulation will help you lift heavier and efficiently. As your strength increase, you can get in the bigger and better dumbbells. Place the dumbbells nearby for easy and quick access.