Classes Provided


    This is one of the best workouts if you're looking to cut down, tighgten or tone your body fat or muscles with most emphasis paid to the lower body. By using small, controlled exercises we ensure you can build a physique like a dance within the first few weeks. It's also perfect for the upper body muscles like the triceps etc.


    Don't want to let of yoga? Then this class is perfect for you as here we combine yoga and Barre. This is ideal for women looking at easy moves to tone their body and lose weight fasters.


    For those looking to build and tone their muscles this ass kicking dance move is ideal. Here you'll learn to use your bodyweight along with a few weighted moves.


    If you're ready to take your workout up a notch then this class is just for you. Here we employ a suspension system which is great for your core and a traditional ballet barre. The moves will torch up your core and build strength in other upper body workouts too like the arms, chest, biceps, shoulders etc.